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Fitness Training McKinneyWe started 2Perform because we believe that undertaking a serious high-intensity exercise program will keep you healthy, engaged, feeling and looking younger for the rest of your life. We have developed a program that uses leading-edge equipment and the very latest exercise protocols to help you achieve AND maintain your FITNESS and health goals FASTER, in less than 20 minutes twice a week.

Mission Statement

“Self-Discovery meets physical fitness. From daily health and wellness programs to challenging fitness training – 2Perform brings about a Total Performance change in you.”

Scientific evidence conclusively underscores that “resistance” training actively reverses all the “biomarkers” of aging, such as reduced strength and muscle mass, bone density loss, control over blood glucose and triglycerides (metabolic syndrome for example), decreases in cardiovascular capacity, and even decreases in cognitive function. In fact, the positive outcomes from resistance training are the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth.  You can become functionally younger, not by months but by DECADES.

We believe that personal performance and success is directly linked to an individual’s health and mental attitude. Everyone is capable of Extraordinary Performance in all aspects of their lives.

We are dedicated to helping you create that extraordinary performance through a combination of individualized programs, leadership training, and proven techniques to deal with everything thing life throws at you. Our programs are taught by individuals with real life experience in dealing successfully with life’s challenges.