Exercises to Increase Bone Density

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Exercises to Increase Bone Density

Exercises to Increase Bone Density

We’ve all heard that story of an older person falling and breaking a hip due to poor bone density: mom, dad, grandpa, or maybe it even happened to you.

That’s a scary thing to have happen, but the truth is, the person did break their hip because of a fall; they fell because their hip broke. Several scientific journals have stated that hips break because of axial loading (the weight of our torso on our hips) and the brittleness of bones as age.

There’s a law in world of health science called Wolff’s Law that states that for all the pressure place on bones, the osteoblast (the building blocks of the bone) respond positively to the pressure and creates more alignment in the bone, thus making it stronger.

That’s why, as we age, exercise becomes even more important to bone health. Positive pressure needs to be placed on the bones for the m to stay healthy and strong.

In stressing the importance of putting weights on the bones, one of my old professors used to say, “granny needs to be under the squat rack.”

Now, we don’t have to go that far, but resistance exercise and weight training are both significantly better for bone health than non-weight bearing activities, such as swimming.

However, we all understand, that non weight bearing is easier on the body for some, so working out overall is better than being stagnant all together.

Resistance exercises are also a good way to strengthen the bones: any sort of movement that works against gravity.

Here are some exercises that will help increase bone density:

  1. Strength training
  2. Hiking
  3. Dancing
  4. Brisk walking
  5. Yoga or Pilates
  6. ARX

Here at 2Perform, we utilize both the ARX machines and strength training to build up bone density.

Specifically, the ARX machines focus on matching the force output of the user on each muscle lengthening and shortening. With ARX’s perfect resistance, building bone density is 100% guaranteed.

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2Perform Fitness--Faster is an ARX Fitness studio located in McKinney, TX. We specialize in one-on-one and group fitness using state of the art high-intensity training.
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