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My Time as a Sports Coordinator

So you want to work in sports, huh? I played rugby for the last decade and received my Bachelors degree in Kinesiology. Sports and physical fitness was and still is my passion, so that’s what I was going to pursue. I had looked into assistant coaching positions, assistant strength and conditioning positions, and even the possibility of being a personal trainer. So I sent my resume out and waited… and waited… I had a couple interviews… and I waited some more. I felt as if everyone else in the world was applying for the same jobs I was.  After applying for a personal training position, I had a nearly 2 hour interview and received a job offer as the Sports Coordinator for a ginormous sports and recreation club. This place was the size of a small college campus; 16 acres, 20+ tennis courts, indoor basketball and volleyball courts, batting and pitching lanes, a golf driving range, a world class weight room, a soccer field, multiple pools and hot tubs, and about 5,000 members. This place was big to say the least. There were even a few former professional athletes walking around. We even had an event involving a few players from the USA Softball team.

My job was mostly administrative, with a few coaching and training opportunities mixed in between. We ran our sports programming as youth and adult intramural leagues, with a few AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) teams. I ended up getting really good at customer service and excel spreadsheets.

My job tasks varied depending on where we were during the season. When a league was beginning, I was either helping participants with their registration, or dealing with third party vendors getting uniforms and/or equipment ready for an upcoming league. I also spent a lot of time getting spreadsheets ready with team rosters, contact information, and getting coaches, team captains, and referees spun up on things (e.g., rule changes) before the season started.

The middle of the season saw me going over scores and updating team standings, checking up on injuries (there are always injuries), and keeping in constant contact with coaches  and referees. During this time I watched a lot of games. It was fun being a spectator while also being able to talk with the athletes and parents and receive the feedback I needed in order to improve for the next season.

The end of the season was all about the playoffs, buying championship trophies, and planning team parties. End of season evaluations were sent out and it was time to get ready for the next season. Our budget pretty much seemed unlimited when it came to the parties, so I of course attempted to go all out for each one. The kids loved getting trophies, so I always ordered extra and gave out a few to a little brother or sister that was always supporting the older sibling’s team. As for the adult league….food and beer….and as much as you can get. You add free food and beer to any season ending party and you will have guaranteed participants for the start of the next season.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

There is always going to be constructive criticism thrown your way and my advice is to take it. Remember to listen to your coaches and referees. The parents and athletes can sometimes be difficult, but it’s all in the spirit of competition.

For more information of working in the sports industry, check out www.teamworkonline.com
For information on AAU teams and programming, check out www.aausports.org

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Marcus Payton
TO Perform Co-Founder, Director of Kinetic Development
Marcus is about ensuring physical health and performance, and leads our Physical Fitness and Health & Wellness programs. A self-proclaimed adventurer and amateur athlete, his love for physical fitness began at an early age and continued throughout his college rugby days and his time spent in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Army. It was during his time as an athlete and a warrior that Marcus began to understand the value of maintaining peak physical conditioning in extremely challenging and stressful environments. Since then he has dedicated himself to understanding the power and abilities of the human body, and strives to help others reach their full physical potential. Marcus has a B.S. in Kinesiology & Human Performance and was a Sports Director & Conditioning Coach in the Houston area before moving to Dallas to continue his passion in Strength & Conditioning. He enjoys running around outdoors, lifting heavy things, and visiting all the fine craft breweries that North Texas has to offer.
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