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  • One-on-one Personal Training

  • Cutting-edge ARX Fitness Technology

  • Customized Fitness Programs.

  • Trackable Progress and Results

  • Sport-specific Strength Programs.

The 2Perform program has been developed on scientific principles that combine high intensity resistance training with low impact exercises to deliver unique results in 20 minutes a week or less.

The 2Perform.fit program is customized for you and adapted to your specific fitness goals to help you achieve and maintain a high level of overall body fitness. Working with our expert trainers we’ll help you:

  • Slow the effects of aging by rebuilding lost muscle, restoring lost strength, and renewing vitality.
  • Reach your maximum potential and compete at your highest levels.
  • Optimize your metabolic health.
  • Rehab ligaments and tendons.

ARX adaptive resistance exercise

ARX equipment can precisely accommodate force output, continuously measure it and adjust the resistance throughout the entire range of motion. ARX equipment gives clients an intense and quick workout that will take four – seven days in which to recover, with most workouts consisting of three different exercises lasting about two minutes each.

We help our clients achieve and maintain fitness by utilizing state-of-the-art ARX motorized resistance equipment, which is the safest and most effective form of adaptive resistance training in the world.

This future-based technology makes it possible for the body’s muscles to reach new levels of exertion quicker and more efficiently than with any other workouts; this is the reason for the long-lasting results.

ARX provides safe, controlled, immediate, infinite, and quantifiable resistance that is of an infinitely greater quality than is currently possible with the gravity-based machines found in gyms worldwide.

The ARX machine is equipped with 15 adaptive exercises and an easy to read interface. The machine is software driven with incredible features that provide you with a completely customized program, instant feedback, precise quantifiable progress, trend-tracking and recovery diagnoses.

ARX records your sessions so that weekly progress is tracked using easy to read color displays.

Broadly, ARX is strength training and musculoskeletal development that uses computerized motors instead of weights. This means we can provide what we call “adaptive resistance;” -resistance applied to the user only in response to their own effort.