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From Cheri, 59 years old.

I met Marcus Payton in April, 2017 and learned about 2PerformFit and what it could do for me. I am a double cancer survivor and currently have osteopenia. I have done yoga, walking and cycling over the years. Recently I have been doing aerial yoga at Altitude Fitness in Frisco. A significant part of aerial yoga is having core and upper body strength to pull and hold myself up into yoga positions. I seriously lacked core strength. I have had lots of surgeries to include partial knee and shoulder surgery. I started with 2PerformFit in April working out two times per week. We started slow to build up my strength and now, just after a few months, I am much stronger! What I like best is the support I have received from Marcus and now his support staffs to stay focused and keep on breathing and working until my time is up! Also I can see my growth on the digital screen not only as I am working out but also as a comparison to how I did previous times on the same exercise. Overall, I feel stronger and more confident. I am all in for two times a week for 20 minutes with my busy schedule. They cater to all ages and stages! Thank you, Marcus, for helping me get fitter faster!!

From Brigid H.

I have been working out at 2Perform Fitness since mid-June.

I do not enjoy working out but know I have to stay healthy.

There are many aspects of 2Perform Fitness that I enjoy and make me want to go work out.

Marcus and his staff are top notch. Their encouragement is amazing and really make you push yourself and are rooting for me all the way.

The equipment is state of the art and I enjoy watching my progress on the computer. It helps me because I can view what I’m doing in comparison to what I’ve done and know how much I’ve accomplished. Progress is also tracked via Skulpt, which measures muscle and body fat in all areas of the body, rather than just one BMI number. I know what areas need focus.

The workouts are quick so I can get in and out in a small amount of time if I am pressed for time, but the short time does not mean you aren’t working out! On days where I go to 2Perform Fitness I sleep really well.

The staff is also going to assist me in changing my diet to be more healthy. The one-on-one here is the best.

I would recommend 2Perform Fitness to anybody who wants to get the most out of a workout.