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The TRUTH About Supplements

What’s the Truth about Supplements?

When it comes to taking supplements, there’s no simple “yes” or “no” answer.

Additionally, there are kinds of supplement on the market that makes choosing to take one even more confusing: vitamins and minerals, different versions of proteins, and herbal items.

I’ll talk about proteins and herbal supplements in another post, but right now, I want to focus on vitamins and minerals. And hopefully, this post can give some more insight into the matter and you’ll be more equipped to know whether to decide to spend money on supplements.

There’s no denying that we all appreciate, how important vitamins and minerals are to our daily lives. Since childhood everyone harped on the idea of eating a balanced diet of all food groups to ensure adequate vitamin intake.

Or maybe you were a picky eater and ended up drinking a nutrition shake and taking vitamins to make up for your lack of a diet.

But what’s the truth about them; do they help, or are you just wasting your money?

Well, the answer is a mixed bag, but there is hope in sorting out all the confusion.

According to scientists, most vitamin supplements, most commonly vitamins C & E, and multivitamins, work because of the placebo effect and your money is better spent on authentic sources of these vitamins such as, citrus fruits, dark green vegetables, and an overall balanced diet.

However, certain supplements, such as vitamin D and calcium, have proven efficiency against osteoporosis and other bone related diseases.

So, take the supplements or not? Well to answer that question, you’ll have too look at your food intake.

Do you get a variety of food into your system daily? If so, then you’re more than likely taking in all the vitamins and mineral that you need and there’s no need for extras unless directed by a doctor.

If you’re not getting in all your food groups, then you should start charting your meals to ensure that you are getting adequate minerals and vitamins.

Additionally, if you are over the age of 50, supplements specific to you age category may actually be beneficial to you because of their composition of extra vitamin D and calcium for bone health.


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