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2Perform provides fitness… faster


The 2Perform program uses a combination of personalized high-intensity exercise combined with eccentric muscle work to deliver unique results in 20 minutes a day, twice a week.

Compared to conventional exercise, our program:

  • Builds muscular strength
  • Builds stronger bones
  • Optimizes Metabolic and Cardiovascular Health
  • Rehabs tendons and ligaments
  • Improves overall quality of life
 The 2Perform program will benefit people of all ages but is especially beneficial to anyone wanting to maintain or increase strength, rehabilitate from injuries and maintain vigor as they get older.

High-intensity exercise combined with resistance training is the best possible method for slowing the aging process. Strength training rebuilds lost muscle, restores lost strength, and renews lost vitality.

Resistance training has shown results greater than those achieved with a standard rehabilitation protocol for ACL and knee repair in a number of scientific studies.